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IDBC Signs MoU with PPI to Boost Export

The Indonesian Diaspora Business Council (IDBC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (PPI) to help boost Indonesia’s exports.

IDBC's Vice President, Astrid Vasile, explained that the Indonesian diaspora is familiar with the host countries’ policies and the kinds of Indonesian products that may be suitable for the markets abroad.

“Diaspora knows what SMBs products that are suitable for the markets abroad, so they can help identify and promote those products in the foreign markets, “she said.

She added that at this time she focuses on helping Indonesian entrepreneurs to have a clearer understanding on the quality of the products, choosing right business partners, and recognizing Australia’s trade policies in order to bring their products into the country successfully.

“We are focusing on Australia right now, yet it still will promote great economic benefits for Indonesia and Australia.”

Meanwhile, an expert on Indonesian-Australian trade, Leny Maryouri, said the signing was the first step in accelerating the export and import process involving Indonesia. “This is the entry point for PPI to synergize with diaspora in increasing the flow of trade between several countries, especially concerning exports of Indonesian products and also some imported products,” she said.

When asked about potential export-import products between Australia and Indonesia, the Ph.D. holder from Curtin University, Australia, replied, “From Indonesia, for example, coffee and spices, since the demand is getting higher and nowadays Australia import them from Laos and Vietnam. While meat and livestock products from Australia can be exported to Indonesia.”

Yaniarsyah Hasan, Director of International Trade in PPI, added that the aim of the MoU with the diaspora is to join forces in boosting Indonesia’s exports. "We both want to increase Indonesia’s exports that is why we signed the MoU,” he said in closing.

Source: "IDBC Signs MoU with PPI to Boost Export"

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