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The IDBC works with partners who have the same general vision to establish communication, networking, resources, seminars, sources of advice and guidance to aid members of the Indonesian Diaspora all over the world in their pursuit of personal and business development. We work together to share information and to organize events,meetings,and seminars.
IDBC hosts several events throughout the year to promote Indonesian Diaspora businesses and help them connect with each other.

BKPM: Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board is an investment service agency of the Indonesian Government that is responsible to formulate the Government regulations regarding investment, which brings Indonesia as an attractive destination for investment and stimulates the realization of a more conducive climate for investment.

KADIN: Indonesian National Chamber of Commerce is the umbrella organization for Indonesian businesses.

APINDO: Indonesian Employers Association is an organization that unifies employers in Indonesia to participate in the establishment of social welfare in the business community through cooperation between the government, employers/enterprises, and workers.

HIPMI: Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association is an organization that fosters the spirit of entrepreneurship among Indonesian youths.

PPI: PT PPI Indonesia wholly-owned state trading company. The nationalized companies are responsible for trading and distributing basic commodities such as staple foods (rice, flour, corn, etc.) in addition to traditional spices, and they are also responsible for trading and distributing agricultural commodities (fertilizers and pesticides, chemicals and others) and consumer products (textile, automotive, and others)

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