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City of Fremantle Celebrates 20 Years of Friendship with Indonesian City Padang

TWO decades of friendship between Fremantle and Indonesian city Padang was celebrated during a special event recently.

Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt, Fremantle Chamber of Commerce’s Olwyn Williams and Fremantle Port Authority’s Ainslie de Vos joined members of the Padang community and the Indonesian Diaspora Business Council (IDBC) at a special 20-year celebration in Padang earlier this month to celebrate the friendship-city relationship, the oldest of four the City of Fremantle has between Indonesia, Croatia and China.

IDBC Australia regional director Astrid Vasile said the gathering celebrated and strengthened the relationship between the two local governments.

“As Indonesian Diaspora, we are aspiring for a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership between the two cities that will strengthen economic co-operation and will also increase trade activity as well as investment opportunities,” she said.

“We are very grateful to the business community as well as the mayors of these two great cities for inviting us to this productive gathering.”

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