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Australia Region

Astrid Vasile
Regional Director (Australia Region)

Mrs. Astrid Saraswati Vasile earned a Master's of Business Administration degree from Institute of Business and Management Jayakarta before moving to Australia. She has lived in Western Australia for the last 20 years and is a small business owner employing over 80 Western Australians.

As an active member of her local community and Chair Business Advisory Group of the City of Canning local government, Astrid is keenly aware of the importance of law and order and the safety of the community, both of which are of high priority to the people of Western Australia

She is the CEO of VASILE Group, a registered Residential and Commercial constructions company in Western Australia. Moreover, she is a Registered builder and construction professional with technical expertise in design, construction, architecture, and infrastructure.

Her insight and skills stem from her studies in Entrepreneurship and Economics, from two decades of living in Indonesia, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia and from her 25 years of business experience. She held a number of Senior positions in Australia, involved in a number of organizations promoting leaders in business.  Her success began with her entrepreneurial determination to succeed, with a background in national and international business she is able to efficiently introduce Australia-Indonesia businesses, providing a gateway for a closer relationship between both countries.

Mrs. Vasile remains a patron and member of many businesses, and continues to dedicate her time to promoting and serving the interests of Australia- Indonesia and Indonesian Diaspora communities, to ensure both countries benefit significantly from closer ties, within the varied ethnic identities, languages and cultural practices that make up the diverse nations of Indonesia and multicultural Australia.

She is lauded as a registered builder in Western Australia and was given accolades as 2009 Winner Business Partner of the Year by HIA- NAB, as well as being a Business Partner of the Year Finalist at the National level Awards 2010

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